Monday, June 1 (7pm) via Live Streaming

HOLY MACARONI I am celebrating my third year in business!! This is a really special occasion for me and I want to celebrate with ALL of you via a live streaming! I'll be going live on both Facebook and Instagram at 7pm to 8pm on Monday June 1st.

Join me for fun stories, victories, and struggles as I discuss my first 3 years in business. I'll be answering questions about art, design, marketing, life, and anything in between.


My name is Jasleni Brito and my story begins in Dominican Republic where I grew up sipping papaya milkshakes, singing, and making art. My mother says I have been painting since before I could speak. I suppose one could say I have always been a creative person, so my choice to go into the field of graphic arts was of little surprise to my folks.

I attended Central Connecticut State University where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic / Information Design and minored in art. Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of designing for many clients including companies like Whole Foods Market, On-Stage, The Burnt Shop, and many more. These opportunities have molded me into an experienced Graphic Designer & Artist with a real passion for what I do. My expertise ranges from logo design, branding/identity, business cards, web design, package design, flyers, posters, invitations, book-making, painting, and drawing. In other words, when it comes to visual communication there is very little I can't do for you! ​

If you would like to inquire about my services or simply share a fun idea, please leave me a message and I will respond promptly. With a special attention to detail and a whole lot of imagination, I am confident I can put together just what you need, so let's chat!




While my work expands across different industries, a great portion of my time is spent working with the rare disease community as an expert in patient-centric program development. My clients value the high level of quality and sensitivity when designing around delicate and powerful topics, like patient advocacy and treatment options for rare conditions.

There are over 7,000 different rare diseases and only 5% of them have FDA-approved treatments. With so many people struggling with rare diseases and not enough resources, it brings me great satisfaction to use my skills to contribute to this community.

My sister (and therefore my entire family) was greatly impacted by a condition that her doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of. After a long time of flirting with death, my sister was able to mostly recover and we were all able to breathe again. This experience shook my foundation and made me realize the importance of  unity and patient advocacy. So why do I #care4rare? I care because of my sister, and because of all the friends I have made along the way that are constantly navigating the challenges of rare and chronic illnesses.




  • I'm currently working on a poetry book :)

  • I donated a kidney in July of 2015 to a stranger and another stranger gave one to my sister. The experience inspired a series of paintings and I even got to design the logo for the Center of Living Organ Donors at Yale New Haven Hospital.

  • I LOVE writing songs! (click here for some tunes)

  • My favorite fruit is mango.

  • BBQ sauce grosses me out.

  • In my next life I hope to be a jellyfish. 



Currently accepting new projects.

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